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Our team is ready to find a solution that is right for you no matter what real estate problem you are running into! 100% free. Zero hidden fees.

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No matter what situation you are going through.


We have helped hundreds to stop their foreclosures using multiple strategies, preventing the banks from taking their house and leaving them with nothing


If you have inherited a troublesome home, we can help. There is no reason it should be a burden to you.

Tax Liens

Taxes can stack up. If you are worried about your financial future, we can help.

Don't wait!


Dividing assets can be difficult. Our team can help you sell your house for cash so everyone can move forward.

Welcome to Texas Happy Homes! We specialize in creative strategies to solve real estate problems for our clients. Whether you need consulting on foreclosures, tax issues, estate & probate concerns, or are interested in selling your property, you've come to the right place!

We have helped hundreds of homeowners and their families in the DFW area with their complex needs, specializing in "non-traditional" or "creative" real estate solutions.

If you are in danger of losing your home, you're probably overwhelmed by the options and unsure what to do. We understand - we have experienced that turmoil ourselves, and have become experts in helping other property owners understand their options, provide creative solutions, and taking on much of the burden to help them save their home.
All at no cost to our clients!

If you are looking to sell your property, you're probably searching for a quick and hassle-free way to sell your property. That's where we can assist! Our expertise lies in buying properties swiftly, regardless of their condition, equity, or circumstances. We have experience in handling a wide range of situations, and we purchase with cash!

  • Zero hidden fees. 100% free to you.

  • No repairs needed. If you need to sell your home we buy as is.

  • Cash in your pocket. No more hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are so proud to have helped so many individuals!

"Who is this for?"

Individuals from many different backgrounds opt to sell their properties to us. They all share a common need to sell their home quickly. This could be due to financial hardship like facing foreclosure or tax liens. It could also be because of a significant life event like a divorce or death in the family.

Can I keep my home?

We have multiple strategies to show you how to do that.

"How quickly can I sell my property?"

Pretty much as fast as you would like to! Depending on your situation, the process can take a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Once you talk to one of our team members, they will be able to give you a better estimate.

"Do I have to make repairs?"

Nope! We will purchase your house as is! If your house isn't very attractive, it can be difficult to sell through a traditional real estate transaction. That's where we come in - no matter where it is located, what you owe on it, or amount of repairs needed, we will buy it!

"How does the process work?"

Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you:

1 - Fill out the form on this page

2 - Have a conversation with one of our team members

3 - Get a CASH OFFER! (No obligation at all to accept.)

4 - Accept the offer and close on YOUR SCHEDULE!

Thats it!

"Is this just some low-ball offer?"

Of course not. Since we belong to an extensive national network of purchasers and investors, we frequently have someone seeking a property like yours even before our initial conversation. This allows us to provide options that many others cannot. In some instances, we can purchase properties at their full value or even higher.

"How much does it cost to work with you?"


Seriously. No fees at all. We are here to help you find a solution for your home and get you a cash offer!

Hear What People Have Said

We are so proud to have helped so many individuals!

Chuck N.

"Our family was in a bad spot. It is scary how fast things can go from bad to worse. Their team was so helpful to finding a solution. Could not recommend them more.."

Jordan B.

"Foreclosure was looming over my head and I was feeling overwhelmed. Honestly I didn't know that there were other options. These guys helped me avoid the stress and damage to my credit."

Hayley N.

"I was behind on my mortgage payments and didn't see a way out. They bought my house for cash and allowed me to walk away with some money in my pocket and a fresh start. I am so grateful for their help."

Juan L.

"We just needed a way out. The Team was great to work with and they found us a solution within the week. They made the whole process painless. It is as if this huge weight is off our shoulders."

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